The six most hotly contested gTLDs

first_imgAt long last, ICANN has released the list of first round generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) that have been requested by all of the companies that were invited to do so. The application for each TLD is $185,000, and despite that high price tag there were nearly 2,000 applications. Unfortunately, many of the applications were for the same domain name. As it turns out, there are more than a couple of TLDs out there that many companies would gladly empty their bank accounts to get their hands on. In all of these cases, eventually a whole lot of companies will walk away having wasted that application fee.Of the nearly 2,000 applicants, there are plenty of duplicates, but none are quite as high as these…The .app domain is the most desired domain with 15 different companies having submitted applications for it..home is the second most popular with 11 applicants, while .art follows in a close third with 10 applicants. Then .blog, .book, and .llc domains all had nine different applicants submitted. That’s a grand total of 63 applicants for only 6 domains!What’s really interesting about this list is that each of them will be use so widely differently. In many of these cases, it seems likely that the winner of the TLD would open it up at least partly for the public to use. .blog and .llc especially would be incredibly valuable as domains that could be sold, but also .home and .app if the right companies were to win them. Of these six, the only one that Google doesn’t have a bid in for is and .book are also being requested for by Amazon, so if it comes down to a bidding war for these TLDs, expect those two in particular to come at mighty pricetag to the winner.As it stands right now, we still don’t know the exact process for which these domains will be decided. While Google certainly dumped a lot of money into the 101 different domains that they requested, there’s still plenty of cash in the Mountain View coffers to hold up in a bidding war. Remember when they bid $3.14 billion on the 700MHz spectrum just to bump it into Block C regulations? Clearly that is an organization that is willing to go the distance for something they believe in.Amazon is another company that has proven in the past that they will gladly throw money at a problem to solve it. I suspect that the next part of the gTLD process, especially with these six domains, will include ridiculously large sums of money.last_img read more