Virtual Camino Krk – an excellent new tourist product of the island of Krk, now in a virtual edition

first_imgAlthough at first it is difficult to connect the island of Krk with the Camino de Santiago, but this is another proof that in Croatia we have hundreds of phenomenal and authentic stories, which we just have to arrange, round, brand and tell. It is this content that we chronically lack. “This is a new experience for all of us, we are doing it for the first time, and we apologize in advance if the production is not flawless due to the short preparation time. But we have a strong desire to provide you with a piece of experience that you have been deprived of due to the current situation and we want to do it the best we can. Join us and be a part of the first virtual Camino Krk adventure. Thanks to everyone who will join and contribute. ” concludes Nataša Jurina, director of the Tourist Board of the City of Krk. Bravo for the island of Krk. Let’s tell stories, our authentic stories.  Although at first it is difficult to connect the island of Krk with Camin, but this is another proof that in Croatia we have hundreds of phenomenal and authentic stories, which we just have to arrange, brand and tell well.   As this is not possible now, the Krka Tourist Board decided to bring part of this experience closer virtually. During six days, it will be possible to experience a virtual part of the Camino experience through:  The story goes something like this…. What is the connection and story of the island of Krk with the Camino de Santiago or the Way of St. James? Camino Krk – is an excellent new tourist product as well as a motive for coming in the pre- and post-season. It is an event that marks the Croatian Camino route following the medieval pilgrimage routes on the island of Krk. The thematic route Camino Krk has joined the European network of pilgrimage routes of St. James, and created the preconditions for the development of pilgrimage and religious tourism on the island of Krk.  In October 2019, the first Camino Week was held on Krk, and on April 21.4 – April 26.4.2020, XNUMX. the second guided tour of the Camino Krk route was to take place. “Sthe situation that affected the whole world made it impossible for a large part of the planned activities, including the holding of the second Camino week. We therefore decided to provide the interested audience with a part of the experience with the help of digital tools and to hold a Virtual Camino Krk week which can be followed on our facebook pages. Currently, mostly all people spend time in conditions of isolation and quarantine, and digital media in the true sense have become their only windows into the world. Maybe this story from the island of Krk will brighten someone’s days that none of us had hoped to experience ” points out Nataša Jurina, director of the Tourist Board of the City of Krk. From 21. to 26.4.2020. experience Camino Krk via your computers, mobile phones or tablets on the Facebook page of the Krk Tourist Board – City of History and Culture. Photo: TZG Krk In Croatia since 1203, the Brotherhood of St. Jacob organized to help pilgrims who then walked from Croatia to Santiago de Compostela and back. Today’s Brotherhood of St. James, based in Samobor, inherits this tradition. She is a member of the Brotherhood of St. Jacob in Santiago de Compostela, the central institution that brings together the associations and fraternities of St. Jacob from all over the world. He is the issuer of the Croatian pilgrimage passport – Credentila, officially accepted as a pilgrimage document with which in Santiago de Compostela a diploma of pilgrimage is obtained – Compostela.  The first Camino week on Krk Virtual Camino Krk  Camino Week on Krk is a project that lays the foundations for the development of pilgrimage and religious tourism in order to extend the season and develop tourism in accordance with the principles of sustainability and preservation of tradition. There will also be a tour e-printing tj. e-passport for pilgrims, and at the end of the six-day virtual tour all “passengers” will receive and e-Composela for Camino Krk, while the original Compostela will be able to be picked up at the Tourist Board of the City of Krk live when possible.  Camino Krk is a circular route Krk – Porat – Omisalj – Dobrinj – Vrbnik – Baska – Kornic which encompasses the entire island. It’s a long eye 107 kilometers, and it is recommended to hike through the six-day program. The trails are marked between the mentioned cities, and one is passed every day. Camino Krk also has its own special sign which, in addition to the recognizable symbol of Camino, also bears another one, the one in Glagolitic – the oldest Slavic script specific to Croatia and Krk. However, as we are all in isolation at the moment and as tourism has literally stopped, the Krka Tourist Board decided to organize Virtual Camino Krk which brings the experience of the journey of St. James directly to the homes of all. In October last year on the initiative Tourist boards of the City of Krk i Brotherhood of St. James the medieval Krk pilgrimage routes were marked, as a Croatian contribution to the European network of pilgrimage routes of St. James.  The project was designed by the Tourist Board of the City of Krk and digital marketing agency, and the great news is that all tourist boards on the island of Krk have joined the project: Tourist Board Omišalj and Njivice, Tourist Board Malinska, Tourist Board Baška, Tourist Board Dobrinj, Tourist Board Vrbnik, Tourist Board Punat , Krk Tourist Board. It goes without saying that Krk, as the first in a series of Croatian Camino routes, proved to be an ideal choice. The island, which thanks to its natural and material treasures is rightly proud of the epithet of the cradle of Croatian history and culture, is an ideal backdrop for a spiritual journey, the Krk Tourist Board points out, adding that Krk’s Camino meanders through impressive forests , old castles and churches, abandoned villages, small medieval towns and beautiful beaches. It is not immodest to say that the interior of the island of Krk gives the impression of an open-air cathedral. Find out more about the whole project HERE The Camino de Santiago or the Way of St. James is a network of pilgrimage routes leading to the Spanish sanctuary of Santiago de Compostela – the last resting place of St. James the Apostle, protector of pilgrims and travelers. From the north of Norway and the Baltic countries, signposts lead to Santiago de Compostela, and over 320.000 people a year walk the French-Spanish part of the route as long as 800 kilometers. In 1987, the Council of Europe awarded Camin the title of ‘Main Street of Europe’, while in 1993, its Spanish and French parts were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Although the network of Camino roads stretches across the whole of Europe, Croatia was almost the only European country which, despite a rich pilgrimage tradition, until recently did not have a route to Santiago.  a multimedia story for each day through pictures, video, voice-over, musican online photo exhibition with the Camino de Santiago with a variety of themesinteractive description of daily routescuriosities and description of individual places, natural and cultural sights along the routetestimonies of pilgrims who passed the Camino Krkmessages and thoughts of the day about what can be learned at Camin last_img read more

2019-20 Fishing Guide now available

first_imgIndianapolis, In. — Pick up your hard copy of the 2019-20 Indiana Fishing Guide this week from one of our properties or retailers. The guide will be available online soon. Highlights of the new guide will include: 2019 free fishing weekends, 2018 Fish of the Year and State Record Fish, new public access sites, an overview of largemouth bass and an overview of the Lake Michigan salmonid program.last_img

Fundraiser attracts $43,000 to distribute shirts supporting Hong Kong protests at Lakers-Clippers opener

first_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error LeBron James might be done commenting on the matter, but the issue could come before fans attending the season-opener between the Lakers and Clippers on Tuesday at Staples Center, where activists plan to hand out free T-shirts displaying support for the Hong Kong protests.A GoFundMe fundraiser online — “Give Away Hong Kong T-Shirts, NBA Opening Night” — set up Oct. 7 by an NBA fan in Northern California raised nearly $42,994 in a fewer than two days.That amount will pay for more than 10,000 shirts, according to organizer “Sun Lared” (the pseudonym that the fan is using on the GoFundMe page), who stopped taking contributions as the fund drive approached $43,000.The Clippers, who will be the home team Tuesday, also have a T-shirt giveaway planned, with all fans in attendance expected to receive a free “L.A. Our Way” shirt and LED wristband. The international firestorm involving the NBA and China began Oct. 4, when Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey tweeted support for the pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong. That sparked outrage in China, where the Lakers would play a pair of exhibition games with the Brooklyn Nets. Nearly two weeks later, reverberations continue as the league and its players navigate a range of interests.In an online voice call earlier this month, “Lared” said that although he has friends and family in Hong Kong and is sympathetic toward the protest movement there, he’s accepting that there are varying viewpoints about the unrest.It’s his opposition to censorship that inspired him to run with an idea he saw online about making the T-shirts. A similar GoFundMe campaign in Canada was capped after it raised more than $34,000 for a T-shirt giveaway at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto on opening night.Gabriel Law is among the supporters of Lared’s T-shirt giveaway in Southern California. After learning of the project, he got in touch with “Lared” and is helping with plans to store, transport and distribute all those T-shirts to L.A. Live. It will be a complicated but fulfilling endeavor, said Law,“This touches on really central American values, freedom of speech,” Law said by phone last week. “I’m here in the U.S., but I’m starting to sense I can’t do certain things because someone in another country us doesn’t want me to do it. Where do we draw the line?center_img “I think the NBA, unfortunately, has crossed the line in that case. China is a huge market, no one’s going to deny that, but if you look at global trade, this is a new kind of problem.”Law, who is active with Hong Kong Forum, Los Angeles, a nonprofit formed in 1990 to promote democratic development in Hong Kong, said he was somewhat surprised by how quickly the money was raised, but not by the amount.“People in Hong Kong have raised millions of U.S. dollars for the past three, four months to advertise in newspapers, they’ve raised money to put up billboards around the world, so as soon as they know of this, they are going to support it,” he said.Despite reports of a fan being escorted out of preseason game in Philadelphia for saying “Free Hong Kong,” and a pro-Hong Kong sign (held by fans in “Free Hong Kong” shirts) being confiscated at a preseason game in Washington D.C., Law said he didn’t anticipate any trouble at Staples Center once they get the shirts there.“Are security guards going to kick us out?” Law asked. “We don’t think so, because we’ll be on public land. What if police kick us out? That should not be a problem because we are not selling things.”Furthermore, Law said, “we encourage the fans to put on the shirts. If five people put on the shirts, then they have a chance to be kicked out. If 500 people put on the shirts, they cannot kick everyone out. Five thousand? That, for sure, is a message for the world to see. And that’s our hope.”last_img read more