Old Road Junction Responsible for Flooding, Says Prophetess

first_imgIn wake of continued flooding affecting many communities in and around Monrovia, it has been prophesied that “Old Road Junction, precisely the Kailondo area, is responsible for the flooding.Prophetess Cathy Jaikwee of Truth Salvation Ministry told reporters Monday, July 7, in Monrovia that she received a divine prophecy from God Almighty revealing that the Creator is “angry with Liberia and the punishment is intensive rainfall.”According to Madam Jaikwee, God spoke to her Sunday night revealing that the outcome of His anger will be the destruction of the land through flooding if the nation does not take steps to prevent this.“The first place the Lord talked about was West Point Community,” Prophetess Jaikwee said.”In my dream, God took me to West Point and showed me the ocean swallowing the entire West Point, where women and children struggled for survival.”“Another place he took me was McDonald Street on Crown Hill, Monrovia.  The whole area was covered by water, with people struggling. The Lord warned that there are more we should expect from the flooding. He then revealed that Old Road Junction is responsible for the problems. Old Road is the reason why there is more flooding taking place across the city.”The Lord said to me, Prophetess Jaikwee continued,   “I am angry with this nation and am about to destroy it. I love and blessed this country but her leaders don’t have fear for their creator. Too many sinful things are going on in this country and the leaders are responsible. Man sleeping with man while women are doing the same. Public officials using human blood for sacrifices just for power’s sake.   These are things for which God is angry with this country and we need to repent.”Prophetess Jaikwee, who worships with the local ministry squatting in the G. W. Gibson School, disclosed that the remedy as instructed by the Creator is intensive prayer. “Until the entire country can pray to ask God to stop this destruction, we can’t do anything about this,” she noted.How could Old Road Junction be responsible for such disaster, the prophetess was asked by our reporter.  But she declined to elaborate, adding:  “I speak what God asks me to say to the nation. He did not say why Old Road is to be blamed for said disaster.”It remains unclear as to why Old Road Junction was mentioned. But, Prophetess Jaikwee said, that area has become the center of attraction since the Rainy Season and its many residents, including President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and commuters have fallen prey to the flood.Of late, President Sirleaf’s residence and surrounding  areas have been deeply affected by floods, sparking a  protest in front of the President’s house by angry  residents who believed the President’s  compound was constructed in the waterway and must be removed.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more