Travel locally and domestic guests will be the main focus on the day after the coronavirus. Be ready

first_imgAll tourist boards in the world communicate the narrative – do not cancel the trip, but prolong it, and they want to bring potential travelers to the phase of daydreaming and planning. Thus, accommodation providers must communicate the contents of the distance and create motives for travel. Again, with the note that you have direct booking. / / / FIND OUT HOW GERMAN RAILWAYS SOLD 2 MILLION TICKETS WITH AN EXCELLENT DIGITAL CAMPAIGN According to the principle of “joint action – joint content – interconnection”, each of the federal states provides a “dream image”, which GNTB and 16 state marketing organizations share on their Instagram accounts. Likewise, now is the time to plan campaign campaigns. Now plan your promotional strategy, to be ready for the day after the crown, to start advertising as soon as possible / immediately, and only then to start thinking about promotion and wasting precious time. #Buy and travel locally It is also considering the introduction of vouchers for hotels, camps, private accommodation as well as already introduced vouchers for travel agencies. So, the main focus will be on the domestic guest. From the Ministry of Tourism we can expect the activation of the Cro Kartice project and a week of rest worthwhile, as soon as the conditions for that are created, because the projects and campaigns are ready and should have just been active. Thus, for the first time, the German Tourist Board (GNTB) launched a joint Instagram campaign under the hashtag #dreamnowvisitlater in cooperation with all 16 state marketing organizations. In any case, the focus will be on the domestic guest. Be prepared to start advertising right away. Communicate. The German Tourist Board has already launched a campaign. Although much earlier than expected because Europe is still in an active fight against coronavirus, fear and the whole economy is still standing .. In the past few years, Germany has been continuously campaigning and promoting travel within Germany, in order for Germans to stay in their country, and encouraging as many weekend trips as possible throughout the year. One of the strong arguments is a large, efficient and quality railway network, as well as excellent campaigns, as attached. Logically, the point is to save, launch and strengthen the local economy as soon as possible. And that goes for all states. And so for Croatia. So most travelers will travel within their states. Of course, the question also arises as to who will travel after this primarily health crisis, and only then the economic crisis. We will deal with this topic more tomorrow. And the main focus will be primarily on domestic guests, which in our case, can be positive because we did not have a local transmission of coronavirus, as in other European countries. / / / GERMANY AS OUR MAIN BROADCASTING MARKET, RECOVERY EXPECTED ONLY IN AUGUST OR SEPTEMBER The situation in Singapore, where they relented with all measures after the rapid decline in the number of new cases and the subsequent resurgence of new cases, is an additional warning not to relax too soon. Abolishing quarantine carries with it a serious risk of a new wave of epidemics. Regardless, it will be logical to put a lot of pressure on the economy to open up the market, because the question is how many months the economy can withstand this situation. We should definitely be prepared for the solution of simply living with the coronavirus if it reappears in the winter, at least until we find a cure. The German Tourist Board has launched the #DiscoverGermanyFromHome campaign It is realistic that the tourism sector will be activated only in the spring of 2021, and not with the same numbers as before. And of course, again on the assumption that a cure / vaccine is found and that the coronavirus does not reappear during the flu season in the winter, which no one knows yet. Optimists are still hoping, of course like everyone, including me, that they will still be able to catch at least 20-30% of the season in order to have at least some cash flow. center_img All in all, in this situation, it is out of place to talk about tourism, and what the tourist season will be is the main question for everyone. There are two models; one is a class optimist and the other a class realist. The financially “healthiest” target group are employees in the public sector, who have not been hit so hard by this crisis, nor have they had a salary reduction or layoffs in the public sector, and will be able to take annual leave without any problems. As I pointed out above, in Croatia for now, and I hope that this situation will not happen, we do not have a local transmission of coronavirus, and we are keeping the situation under control, as much as possible in this situation. Likewise, it is important to communicate at the moment. Just because it’s a current crisis situation and no one is thinking about traveling doesn’t mean we need to stop communicating. In a crisis situation, the worst thing is not to communicate. The campaign was created to show beautiful places from all federal states to potential travelers to Germany for a comprehensive list of future travel plans, but also motivates Germans to share their photos from their places and for Germans to stay in Germany. But before that, when the day comes after the coronavirus, the first thing that every country will do is a strong narrative and campaign to buy and consume domestic and local products, and also to travel locally, ie within its own country. There are currently too many unknowns and assumptions about the coronavirus epidemic for any predictions around the tourist season, which has paralyzed the entire world, the economy has stalled, and the tourism sector in particular. But one thing is for sure, the world will change, and so will the tourism sector and the way we travel and why. When we talk about a domestic guest, we will have to adjust the offer, ie safely lower accommodation prices as well as in general destinations. Of course, again, the question arises as to who will be able to afford the trip at all. There are currently over 150.000 unemployed in Croatia, others are wage cuts, and many are currently being forced to take annual leave so there will be no classic summer vacation, at least not in the private sector. Who will even have the courage to ask for summer vacation, let alone get it, only when the economy activates and begins to recover. Also, everyone who offers accommodation should think about the solution of having direct booking, in order not to pay a commission to booking portals, and thus further reduce your earnings. One thing is for sure, tourism has unfortunately received a strong blow. Although he recovered very quickly throughout history, in the situation with SARS it took 15-30 days, but in this case, unfortunately, recovery will take years, at least 2-3 years. The first serious growth can be expected in the spring of 2021, while this year only the most optimistic scenario could encourage at least some tourist activity and cash flow, of course assuming that we “exterminate” the coronavirus from Croatia and Europe in 2-3 months. Of course, everyone will have to adhere to strong disinfection measures. In fact, it would be good to post a video or pictures now of how you prepared the whole “protocol” and how you keep the apartments and rooms clean. It won’t bring much at the moment, but it will remain in people’s heads that you have taken it seriously and are sticking to all the prescribed measures. All hotels have canceled the reservation free of charge, so others must follow suit. I know it’s a risk, but that’s the current situation. Primarily in campsites and private accommodation, while hotels must practically halve prices to be price-competitive competitors to the domestic guest in this situation, and at the same time be on the brink of self-sustainability. Of course, if we look at the bigger picture, Spain, Greece and Turkey will aggressively attack the market and lower prices, as soon as the tourist market is activated, and we cannot be competitors in price. Again, fortunately for us, they depend on air traffic that will take a very long time to recover, so our advantage is that we are a car destination. Holiday homes will certainly be in focus, as well as active tourism and going to nature. I expect a lot of weekend trips outside the cities, especially from Zagreb as our strongest market. This will certainly further contribute to the fact that we will activate the domestic guest the fastest and easiest way to travel, especially within Lijepa naša. Also, the focus of the CNTB will be not only on the domestic guest, but also on the destinations we border, due to the proximity and the fact that we are a car destination. Although, of course, the question is, when will the whole situation calm down, will the situation calm down at the same time in other countries, will it have to be tested before crossing borders, have some permits, etc.… a lot of questions and currently few answers. Also, it should be borne in mind that the declaration of victory over the coronavirus, which means that there are no more new cases in a country, we can declare only 4 weeks after we no longer have patients, on the recommendation of an epidemiologist. He will have to survive this year.last_img read more

Alexander: Was it really the medical info that held up Mookie Betts trade?

first_img Alexander: Lakers-Blazers is not your typical No. 1 vs. No. 8 series The world according to Jim:• Nearly a week ago, L.A. rejoiced. The Dodgers, who swing for the fences plenty on the field but have been  overly risk-averse otherwise, turned bold and (apparently) came away with one of baseball’s elite players, Mookie Betts.Finally, on Sunday, Dodger fans are closer to being able to celebrate but only after exhaling, having stewed for a week over whether this thing was going to get done or not.• In the meantime, eight players on four different teams – and who knows how many additional prospects – were in a state of uncertainty, with a trade contingent on medical clearance hung up because the Boston Red Sox decided that the reliever they were getting, Brusdar Graterol, evidently wasn’t healthy enough to be the starter they needed. • On a related note, the Padres traded for Tampa Bay closer Emilio Pagán Saturday, and if you’re a Dodger fan you might have, in a momentary panic, interpreted that as A.J. Preller preparing to assemble another package to offer the Red Sox. Then again, Manuel Margot, who went to the Rays in this deal, was part of San Diego’s original offer. What was Preller going to do, offer the Sox Wil Myers’ bloated contract?Either way, Pagán adds to another stacked Padres bullpen. But a Dodgers pen with Graterol and a healthy Blake Treinen added to Kenley Jansen, Pedro Baez, Joe Kelly and Adam Kolarek could be hard to screw up. (Your move, Dave Roberts.)• As for the part of this multi-headed monster that didn’t work out? Ross Stripling posted a GIF of his own double fist pump on Twitter shortly after reports filtered out that the Dodgers-Angels deal, Stripling and Joc Pederson for Luis Rengifo and salary relief, was off.A little while later, he deleted the tweet. The reason should be obvious: If you’ve been traded once you can be traded again, so no sense celebrating too soon.• Since Angels owner Arte Moreno was said to be irate over the trade delay anyway, can we stipulate he’s not a Rube Goldberg fan?Related Articles Alexander: Playoff series takes a turn Clippers weren’t expecting • That said, even without this trade the Angels have sneakily made themselves a lot better this winter.Hiring Joe Maddon was the start. Signing Anthony Rendon was the big piece. And while none of their pitching acquisitions were glamorous, their rotation is absolutely stronger by adding Dylan Bundy, Julio Teheran and, maybe, Matt Andriese to a starting pitching mix including Andrew Heaney, Griffin Canning and (later if not sooner) Shohei Ohtani. Even without Pederson’s addition, the Angels begin the year in good shape in the outfield and will be in even better shape once Jo Adell arrives for good.• You may remember that This Space predicted a Freeway World Series before the 2018 season began.I’m not going out on that limb again, not yet. But it could be a fun October around [email protected]@Jim_Alexander on Twitter Alexander: Coping with the desolation, and silence, of empty seats • This was an unusually long delay, but it’s a sign of the times. The only deals announced immediately these days are deadline deals. Most often, executives or (more often) agents leak the information – always with that “pending a physical” caveat – and even when there isn’t hesitancy the process drags.(I would throw in a one-liner about this trade process being as laborious as “The Irishman,” except for two things. I liked “The Irishman” – sat through it all – and the three-hour, 29 minute length of that movie already has been compared to a typical Yankees-Red Sox game, in the New York Times no less.)• And I’m just speculating here, but I would not be surprised if a well-placed Red Sox front office person put the original proposal out as a trial balloon last week, and the fierceness of the reaction from New England and its expatriates was stunning enough for the Sox to determine they needed to ask for more.• The week’s wait also has the Players Association fired up. This is one more log to throw on a labor relations fire that is already blazing.• Another effect of this delay is to demonstrate the drawbacks of Rube Goldberg-type trades such as this, the three- and four-team extravaganzas of which Andrew Friedman seems especially fond. All it takes is for one piece to go awry and the whole thing is in danger of falling apart.• And if you don’t know who Rube Goldberg is and don’t feel like consulting Google, the late cartoonist’s specialty was, according to the website, “inventions, also known as Rube Goldberg Machines, (that) solved a simple task in the most overcomplicated, inefficient, and hilarious way possible.”Yep, that’s Andrew.• The Dodgers-Twins trade evidently will remain intact, so the Dodgers wind up keeping Graterol, a right-handed reliever who sends radar guns into triple digits, and they get Betts and Price, plus a prospect they previously traded in Luke Raley, without giving up Dustin May or Gavin Lux. Even among Friedman’s critics in the Dodger fan base, I think you’d have to assume a thumbs up.• As MLB Network insider – and one-time Daily Breeze baseball writer – Jon Heyman noted, “Non-Boston docs seem to have no big issue with Graterol meds.” What does that tell you? Alexander: Baseball’s ‘unwritten rules’ need to be erased A couple players may still be in limbo. Stay tuned.• Our interpretation of the holdup, here at What They Say vs. What They Mean Headquarters: Red Sox fans’ intense reaction to this trade – both the departure of former American League MVP Betts and what was perceived as a paltry return for Betts and David Price’s contract – led Red Sox head decision-maker Chaim Bloom to back away and ask for more, using the medical reports as cover.Boston fans intense? Who knew?• So the restructured deal reportedly agreed to Sunday – and nothing is official, remember, until the teams announce it – has infield prospect Jeter Downs and catching prospect Connor Wong going to Boston along with Alex Verdugo.The upshot of Downs’ inclusion would be that the return from last winter’s trade of Matt Kemp and Yasiel Puig turned out to be a lot greater than expected. 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