Protein Water Co Collagen is a very exciting area for us

first_imgShare with your network: At IFE 2019, FoodBev Media’s Martin White spoke with David Abrahams, the brand manager for Protein Water Co., about the brand’s venture into collagen-based beverages with their new Collagen Boosters, and how their sparkling protein water will cater to consumers on the go.Abrahams explained how the brand’s new lighter, carbonated range of protein waters are marketed towards the convenience space of beverages.This new product uses collagen as a protein source as opposed to traditional whey.“Collagen is one of the body’s biggest building blocks – for hair, skin, nails and so on. It has a protein benefit of restoring muscles, but also there’s a benefit for the whole body in general through using collagen,” Abrahams said.Collagen Boosters are another new product released by the brand, which target consumers who want to maintain healthy skin.“These can be taken over breakfast or whenever you’d like to take it at your convenience.”Abrahams also noted the flavour combinations of lotus flower and jasmine, which adhere to the trend of botanical-inspired beverages. Protein Water Co: ‘Collagen is a very exciting area for us’Posted By: Martin Whiteon: April 03, 2019In: Beverage, Functional, Health, Ingredients, Innovation, Soft drinks, Videos, WaterPrintEmailcenter_img The Protein Water Co’s new line of beverages are catered to a market seeking convenience in their functional purchases. “Our sparkling protein water is lighter, won’t fill you up as much and fits the convenience space perfectly,” Abrahams continued.The move that the beverage space is seeing from PET plastic to cans is also something that Protein Water Co. is taking into account, Abrahams said. “In the immediate future, we would like to move away from using PET plastic to cans; we want to take that plastic out of the packaging cycle. Our traditional Muscle Maintenance will come in the form of cans.“The collagen space is a very exciting area for us – this could venture into on-flight sales where people get dehydrated.“We’re looking for people to come on board and be excited by the innovation – we’re very excited with the carbonated beverages. This allows us to split between niche and more mainstream markets.”Presented by: Martin WhiteEdited by: Harriet Jacheclast_img read more