The Boring Company has a nonboring way to drive its drill

first_imgWe may never know what prompted The Boring Company to make this stunt or much of the Boring machine the gamepad can controller. Or if it’s even real in the first place. This is, after all, coming from the company that sold off the hotly-debated (pun obviously intended) “not a flamethrower” incendiary devices. Let’s just hope that no one with access to the machine gets the bright idea to play the game while smoking weed. Best video game ever— The Boring Company (@boringcompany) September 8, 2018 AdChoices广告 Some might be questioning Elon Musk’s mental health of late and there will be others who will probably point to The Boring Company as the earliest signs of its deterioration. The grand vision is definitely worth chasing but Musk’s youngest venture has taken a few odd turns along the way. Now it’s showing off something that’s, yet again, purely for fun. But the random demonstration of a gigantic drilling machine operated using an Xbox controller isn’t going to do Musk’s PR any favors. Granted, an Xbox 360 controller is also being used to operate submarines’ periscopes, as first demonstrated on the new launched USS Colorado last March. But it’s one thing to control a simple part of a machine and another to completely operate a huge not to mention dangerous machine.Out of the blue, and just a day before sister company SpaceX makes another important launch, The Boring Company’s Twitter account posted what it says is the “best video game ever”. That video game is titled “Control One of the World’s Largest Drilling Machines with a Gamepad” and you need a wired Xbox One Controller to play it. Hey, at least it’s not an Xbox 360 controller.last_img read more