Chrome OS gets Google Drive support Offline Docs

first_imgA little over two months ago Google Drive finally launched, bringing 5GB of free, synchronization-friendly cloud storage to anyone with a Google account. But while Android users were given a native app to install on day one, folks running Google’s other non-home theater OS were left out in the cold. About a week later, Google Drive integration finally started taking shape in the Chrome OS Developer Channel releases.Today, Chrome OS 20 has been pushed to the masses, arriving for everyone running the Stable Channel on a Chromebook or Chrometop. It’s a much more fluid experience now: gone are the delays and sluggish refreshes that previously plagued the file manager when scrolling through overstuffed cloud directories. Offline functionality isn’t totally there yet, and that’s understandable. With some devices featuring just 8GB of internal storage, it’s quite possible a full sync from a packed Google Drive could leave very little free space.A bit of offline functionality has been added, however. All your Google Docs files can now be cached offline, allowing you to work on them even when you’re stuck without a connection. When you reconnect, your changes will be merged with the original file stored in the cloud.Early Chrome OS adopters — those of you out there who were fortunate enough to get your hands on a Cr-48 as part of Google’s pilot program — will notice one other rather big change after the update process completes. When you log back in to your Cr-48, you’ll be treated to the new Aura window manager, which will make your Chromebook look and function a bit more like a traditional laptop.More at Google Chrome Releaseslast_img read more