“It will be interesting to see the relationship between the spread of the virus and Liverpool-Atlético”

first_imgSince it was played on March 11, Liverpool-Atlético of the round of 16 of the Champions League have not stopped being in the spotlight. Because it was with the public, as if nothing had happened, when football in Europe was already closing its doors because of the crisis caused by COVID-19. Because 3,000 fans were allowed to move from Madrid when in Spain there was “already 782 confirmed cases of the disease and 32 deaths “from it. The last to remember it has been the Deputy Scientific Adviser to the British Government’s Ministry of Defense, Angela McLean. Today, at the institutional press conferences, according to the The Independent. “CI think it will be very interesting to see in the future, when everything is over, what is the relationship between the viruses that have circulated in Liverpool and the viruses that have circulated in Spain“he declared, giving validity of the”interesting hypothesis“that the match at Anfield was an accelerator for the spread of the coronavirus in the British country in general and in Liverpool in particular. That transfer of 3,000 rojiblancos fans criticized him a few days ago also the Mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida. “It doesn’t make sense that 3,000 of Atlético went to Liverpool,” he acknowledged in The Transistor, qualifying it as an error even when specifically asked about it, if it was. A highly criticized trip to Anfield3,000 Atlético fans who traveled from Madrid and who, upon arrival in Liverpool, were also not subjected in general by temperature controls, for example, at airports at that time. Fifteen days later the mayor of the town, Joe Anderson put his hands to his head. “The number of cases identified with COVID19 in Liverpool is terrifying, one young person under 25 is one of them, cases are doubling daily here and around the world, “he wrote on Twitter in response to a question from a user who asked him about Liverpool-Atlético.”Unfortunately, it was not my decision. At that time it seemed very strange to us that Madrid fans were not allowed to enter their own stadium, but that they could travel to Liverpool and enter Anfield. “Statements very much in line with that of former Liverpool Chief of Public Health Josh Ashton,” It was embarrassing to let Atlético fans travel. “More than a month after that game and that trip continues under his magnifying glass.last_img read more