Awesome mod lets you play the final Mass Effect 3 Reaper space

first_imgThere was plenty of anger over the last few minutes of Mass Effect 3, but no one can deny that massive space battle with the Reapers was a sight to behold. Of course, the player is forced to sit back and watch the cutscene play out, which seems a little unfair. After all, you spent a few dozen hours rallying the support of the galaxy to bring thousands of spaceships together, and you don’t even get to participate? Well, thanks to a new Homeworld 2 mod, you can. Mass Effect Reborn lets you play that Reaper battle in the form of a RTS.Homeworld 2 is a fabulous strategy game that was released back in 2003. As the name implies, it was the sequel to the also highly regarded original. The Homeworld game engine was very advanced for its time, and is also very mod-friendly. It  looks a lot better than you’d expect an 11-year-old game to look. That’s why, even after all these years, there is still a very active mod community around the game.The Mass Effect Reborn mod is being created by Phoenix Interactive, and the first version is now available for download. This mod comes in the form of a 428MB package with custom ship models and graphics that let you take control of the fight for Earth. It also uses some textures and models from Mass Effect, which could possibly get the unwanted attention of EA. This is a “pre-beta” version of the mod, so expect some bugs.Being a mod, you need the original Homeworld 2 game to modify, but that’s easier said than done. This title predates the online game delivery craze, so it was only ever sold on CD-ROMs. It’s floating around if you know where to look, but an HD remake is on the way too. It’s not clear if mods will work with the remastered version, though.last_img read more