Over 180000 Migrants Entered Europe by Sea in 2016 OIM

Geneva – The International Organization for Migration (IOM) said that an estimated 180,245 migrants and refugees have entered Europe by sea in 2016, arriving in Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Spain, through 20 April.Latest fatalities stand at 1,232, including nearly 500 believed to have died off Libya earlier this month, the organization added.IOM estimates that some 25,586 migrants and refugees arrived in Italy by sea between 1 January and 21 April 2016. Of these, 6,200 arrived during the first two weeks of April. According to the Italian Ministry of Interior, 16,065 migrants arrived in Italy in the whole of April 2015.Unofficial data for arrivals in Greece in recent days are again ticking up, IOM pointed out.Through the first 100 days of this year, arrivals by sea in Greece averaged close to 1,500 migrants and refugees daily. For the past two weeks, arrivals had dropped to an average of 100 per day. Since Saturday (16/4), however, the daily average has risen to just over 150 (See charts below). read more