Pikachu loves ketchup more than you love anything in the world

first_imgWhat do Pokémon love to eat? Vegetables? Kibble? Rocks? Other Pokémon? If anyone ever tries to nerd check you with that question, you can at least answer for Pikachu.Pikachu’s favorite food in the world is ketchup.Since season one of the Pokémon anime, Pikachu has shown his love for the squeezable liquid. He even licks it straight from the bottle. It is adorable to the max.In a special ending credits for the Pokémon XY&Z anime last week, Pikachu sings with his brethren, worshiping their one true god: ketchup. Thanks to Twitter user Maru_run33, you can view this glorious song and dance of the Pikachus yourself.????????????????????? pic.twitter.com/rVcXgikaN5— ???? (@Maru_run33) August 4, 2016 They frolic happily through vast fields of ketchup bottles, eventually traipsing over to a magical forest. With a lot of singing, they encourage a little sprout to burst into a gigantic ketchup tree. I really didn’t see that one coming.The lyrics are all pikapikapikachu, but towards the middle of the song, the various pikas have a subtitle translation. Unfortunately, the words don’t have anything to do with this most glorious red liquid of the earth.Pikachu sings about friendship and doing your best. You know, normal Pikachu stuff. We translated this manic confusion of a song for you below. It’s even weirder if you think of it as Pikachu singing about his relationship with ketchup.Minna de isyou ni ikou yo! Isyou ni utaou! (Everyone together let’s go! Let’s sing together!)Dokidoki! Wakuwaku! Bouken ni ikou! (Beating heart! Exciting noise! Let’s go on an adventure!)Minna de susumou! (Everyone let’s continue!)Heiki da yo! (It’ll be okay!)[Tree starts to grow]Itsudatte (At any time)Issyoudayo (We’re together)Donnakotomo (No matter what happens)Hanbunkodekiruyo! (We can split the work!)PikaPikaPikaPikaPikaPikaPikaPikaPikaPikaPikaPikaPikaPikaPikaPika Pi-Pikachu!The song of the Pikachus, everyone.last_img read more

Power Rangers Are Morphin to a Stage Near You

first_img Your favorite mighty morphin’ superheroes are go-going on tour.Entertainment company Kilburn Live last week announced a live stage show and fan experience featuring Hasbro’s Power Rangers.Details are scant; it’s unclear what the “show” entails. Will there be live fight scenes between actors wearing colorful spandex? Will none of the actual characters appear on stage, aside from in video footage played on a screen? Will Amy Jo Johnson once again don a pink helmet and go-go boots?Fingers crossed.“Power Rangers is a powerhouse franchise and we’re excited to build upon its 25-year legacy of entertainment and innovation to bring immersive experiences to a new generation of fans,” Simon Waters, senior vice president and general manager of Hasbro’s Power Rangers franchise, said in a statement.The news (which made me, a child of the ’90s, literally gasp) comes on the heels of a failed 2018 live tour.The cleverly named Power Rangers Live! event was one of the final projects launched by former owner Saban Brands to celebrate the label’s 25th anniversary.Unfortunately, the concept never came to fruition, and the world was forced to go another year without Jason, Trini, Billy, Kimberly, and Zack to save Earth.Now under the control of Hasbro, a Power Rangers live tour is scheduled to wind its way across North America. Dates and cities will be announced later this year.“Power Rangers is an iconic brand with passionate fans across the US and Canada and we are honored to bring the stories and characters people know from TV and movies to a live stage show,” Kilburn Live CEO Mark Manuel said. “Our goal is to create a memorable Power Rangers experience the whole family will enjoy.”More on Geek.com:‘Power Rangers: Battle For the Grid’ Is a Real Ranger Fighting GamePower Rangers Fan Makes Fitting Anime OpeningUnleash Your Inner Megazord With This Power Rangers Gift Guide ‘Legend of the White Dragon’ Reunites Original Power RangersThe Original ‘Power Rangers’ Movie Should Have Stayed Small Stay on targetlast_img read more