One killed two sent to hospital in Burlington crash

A fatal crash in Burlington has claimed the life of a 58 year-old woman and left a 19 year-old with life altering injuries.Police say around 10 o’clock this morning they received several calls about a man driving a vehicle erratically down Fairview street. Tonight there are still markers on the curb and grass tracking the path of the SUV as it left the roadway, that’s when tragedy struck.The vehicle mounted the curb, striking two pedestrians.Police say the 73 year-old man driving this vehicle first struck a teen who was walking on the sidewalk. The man was airlifted to the Hamilton General Hospital in serious conditionHalton Police say the 19 year-old man suffered life altering injuries. His leg was amputated below the knee by the impact from the collision.One man saw the air ambulance land, and paramedics helping the victim who was laying here in this area.“I assumed he was severely hurt just by the way they were working on him and how they put him on the stretcher.”Then a short distance down the street from where the man was struck police say a 58 year-old woman walking by the former restaurant, Chaps when she was hit. She died at the scene.Those who live nearby are shaken.“Its shocking to hear that people lost their lives here.”“This is almost like a QEW accident, the damage, the doors flown off, one person passed away I just wonder what happened.”Police suspect that the 73 year-old man driving this SUV may have suffered a medical emergency which caused him to drive erratically, but they’re still investigating all other possibilities.Investigators were on scene trying to trace the vehicles tracks and they took pictures of the badly damaged vehicle, that also hit a hydro poll and smashed into this restaurant patio.“Aside from the property damage, anytime there is a serious injury or loss of life, you cant get more serious than that.”The mayor of Burlington, Rick Goldring, tweeted his concern saying: “All of Burlington’s thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families affected by the tragic motor vehicle/pedestrian accident that occurred earlier today on Fairview. Thanks to all our first responders for providing professional and caring service.”The driver of the vehicle suffered head injuries from hitting the patio, he is also in hospital recovering. Police say it is too early in the investigation to say whether charges will be laid, they are suspecting that the driver was in medical distress when this happened.CHCH has been told that the driver’s family is with him in the hospital.Police also say the family of the 19 year-old who lost his leg are by his side in the hospital. They are still trying to notify next of kin of the 58 year-old woman who was killed, her identity has not been released. read more